Mobyforall: the best mobility and technology partner

We are born to promote the culture of sustainable mobility:
our technology and services make us the ideal partner to rethink transportation services starting from the users’ needs

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How we work

Building on our long experience in the field, we provide innovative integrated technology solutions to public and private operators with a data-driven approach. By integrating with existing survey systems, our Mobyforall app opens a communication channel that allows transport companies to collect structured feedback on the level of service provided. Our aim is to analyse and make individual behaviour more sustainable by involving users through direct participation in Living Labs.

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Our process

Multiple actions to ensure excellent results, aligned to your business objectives.


Innovative technology for the maximum accuracy. A unique, digital, and fully automated people counter that can monitor the load factor of vehicles in real time by acquiring aggregated data in total privacy.


Every information under control, in real time!
Simple and intuitive, our Dashboard will allow you to monitor user flows, performances and status, supporting organisational decisions.

App for surveys

Understand the users' mobility habits and preferences thanks to an innovative and low-cost data collection tool: our Mobyforall app also facilitates citizens' involvement in public decisions.

App for users

Crowdsourcing information and more, always available and at your fingertips, to support users of public transport and beyond. It is the first mobility social network, where one can become an active participant in the development of urban mobility.


Advanced modular ticketing systems, integrated with selected or existing hardware, and in-house developed software to reduce costs, able to work with APC and Dashboard to ensure maximum efficiency.

Data Analysis

Our data-driven approach is led by the massive amounts of data that we collect and process. With our experts’ support, we highlight the key performance indicators you need to achieve your company goals.

Process Re-engineering

Thanks to the extensive experience of our CEO in the field of public transport and mobility, gained through years of national and international studies and collaborations, we will be the ideal partner to maximise all your achievements.


Our experience, your case. We analyse your business and the context in which you operate to define effective actions together, outlining an intervention plan.


Data Analytics in real time, at a glance.
Thanks to the Mobyforall Dashboard, the mobility picture is immediately clear, reachable, and available to transport companies: lines, stops, position of vehicles on the map, occupancy rate, passengers boarding and alighting. An indispensable tool to intervene in real time and reorganise services with a data-centric and user-centric approach.
Personalised, simple, and intuitive: the Mobyforall Dashboard is a tool that supports decision-makers, specialists (controllers, drivers, safety managers) and end users, allowing them to always get essential information.

Discover more

One app, all interconnected: public and private!

Thanks to the Mobyforall app the citizen becomes a player, thanks to valuable information on the level of crowding and punctuality of public transport.
The app allows the individual to plan his or her own journeys, receiving advice on the best routes and the most environmentally sustainable modes: from user to promoter of a greater change, towards more organised cities and more efficient transport!
Other services offered by the app allow administrations and managers of public and private companies to maintain direct contact with citizens, directing behaviour in a bottom-up manner, guaranteeing safety, and reducing the risk of congestion.
Thanks to the Mobyforall app, Mobility Managers will be able to easily collect data on the home-work journeys of their employees and, in full compliance with the GDPR, create new home-office or home-school mobility plans based on their real needs.
Finally, discover the Surveys section: having a direct confrontation with your users and carrying out mobility surveys has never been so easy!