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Living Hub

The Living Hub aggregates all Mobyforall Living Labs: places for meeting, understanding and participation to the planning dedicated to mobility in the cities served.

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What is a Living Lab?

A Living Lab is an ecosystem made up of different actors (administrations, companies, citizens) that, at different levels, take an active part in the decision-making process. This allows a socially innovative approach that openly focuses on the users' point of view. In Living Labs, there is an exchange of ideas, needs and values between all participants within an innovation platform.
In Living Labs, meetings take place between all those interested in the main topics of mobility, analysed with the help of the data collected by our systems, thus enabling co-creation of new mobility solutions, and supporting transport planning.

Why create a Living Lab?

Living Labs allow us to analyse and discuss with citizens the data collected from different sources. Thanks to a highly technological and data-driven approach, we can share with citizens their mobility dynamics, making them active participants in solving the complexities linked to the various personal and collective travel needs.
Administrations and companies, therefore, can get closer to the real needs of citizens, creating a climate of trust and collaboration to promote sustainability and facilitate a cultural change.

Why participate in a Living Lab?

To express your voice and contribute to the decisions taken in the transport sector. The needs of each participant are considered both through data collection and surveys of service perceptions, preferences, and mobility needs.
These assessments, supported by facts, give strong credibility to the opinions expressed by citizens in the definition of a city's policies and transport system planning.

The Living Hub mean is to be an integrated system that interconnects the various territories: each Living Lab therefore becomes a reference pole within the Hub, both on a national and international scale, in a wider universe dedicated to mobility, part of an integrated network in which administrators and private individuals can benefit not only from the experiences of their own territory, and from the interchange of data, practices and modus operandi of other territorial ecosystems.

The Living Hub model proposed by Mobyforall is the perfect place to co-create and shape the future of cities by offering citizens various services, including:
- Mobility data collection and dissemination;
- Meeting centre for the exchange of ideas, as well as testbed and showcase for mobility innovations;
- Education and training services;
- Community creation and engagement activities;
- Point of contact with local associations;
- Support for local mobility surveys;
- Customer care for the installation and use of the application of Smart City technologies (especially with a view to cultural groups less accustomed to change and older age groups);
- Point of contact with local administrations and businesses for the development of further services that can be integrated into the App.