Project - ASP

With the second project we turned to our target market, public transport, which allowed us to test our devices in a confined and moving environment, the buses of the local public transport company of the city of Asti, ASP.

Testing began in March 2021 on a fleet bus already equipped with an automatic counting system on the market. The bus was used on different routes to verify the accuracy of the counting in different territorial contexts. The data from the two automatic counting systems (market and Mobyforall) were then compared with the data collected manually over the course of a month by staff hired for the purpose. During the manual data collection, a survey was also carried out among the service users to understand their mobility habits.

The comparison between the manual data and the data collected by the two automatic systems allowed the measurement of accuracy while the comparison between the two automatic systems allowed the evaluation of the performance of the Mobyforall system compared to the market system, showing for the former a better accuracy.