Project - GTT

Developed parallelly to the Asti testing, a different project was developed in collaboration with GTT S.p.A.: installing our devices on a tram and, subsequently, on a bus.

The diversity of the urban area and the high number of passengers on tram lines such as the 4 and 10 made it possible to test the devices in a more complex environment than in the previous experiment with ASP Asti. Geolocation through our system and the acquisition of fleet data, combined with passenger counting data, allows the user to be informed in real time about the crowding of the vehicles through our app.

The company, on the other hand, can monitor the situation on board in real time thanks to our dashboard and analyse the mobility trends of its users through interactive graphs, statistics, and reports.

The recent installation of the app on two buses that will be running on different city routes will increase data collection and enhance the services provided by the app and dashboard.