The APC is an integral part of our technology: a passenger/user counting system that can be installed on board the vehicles of a public transport company or in any other location

Our counting system has four distinguishing features: Integration, completeness, lower purchase and maintenance cost and higher accuracy in field tests.

In transport companies, it is effective for recording the occupancy status of vehicles in real time, as well as boarding and alighting, and calculating the load factor between stops. Having perfect control over the number of users will allow transport services to be organised according to the real needs and requirements of each specific context.
For open and closed premises, such as restaurants, bars, shopping centres, hospitals, schools and transit operators, APC proves effective on the security front, reducing crowded situations and influencing human behaviour.


There is no single integrated company-user system on the market. Our system integrates data collection via the APC IoT, backend, and real-time data visualisation channels for companies, via dashboards and on-board unit displays, and for users, via apps, vehicle displays and information at the stop.


The system is able to provide predictive information on crowding, which is essential for the company to better plan the service and for the user to better plan trips.
On vehicles, it is also possible to calculate the free-riding rate by cross-referencing data with validations and suggesting which lines should be monitored more closely: companies can keep costs down by only providing controllers on lines and routes with a higher probability of free riding.
We also offer a service to support service reorganisation (network, stops, line monitoring, cost centre analysis). Thanks to our knowledge of transport planning and the combination of innovative technology, in-depth market knowledge and an extensive network of contacts, we provide the data that companies need and the way they need it.
Finally, the line load information is processed and provided in a useful format to the Mobility Agencies and Regions that request it for control and monitoring purposes of the subsidised services.

Lower costs

Mobyforall APCs are very competitively priced. In addition, they do not require periodic maintenance and do not wear out over time. They are a plug&play solution, requiring only a few minutes' vehicle stoppage for installation, guaranteeing great continuity of service.

High accuracy in field tests

Our back-end algorithms allow for high accuracy in real-life situations, as has been demonstrated in field tests to date. Mobyforall's APC has proven to be superior to other systems commonly used for similar purposes both in accuracy and in the type of data that can be collected.

Not only for passengers…

User monitoring is becoming increasingly important, and not only for transport! Knowing the flow of people in open and closed spaces is crucial both for public administrations and for managers of private, commercial, recreational and tourist activities who, by monitoring the influx of people into the spaces, will be able to keep users safe in full compliance with current regulations.
Thinking above all of waiting areas, stations, streets, squares, fairs, shopping centres, museums, building sites, schools and hospitals, it is clear how important it is to avoid overcrowding, especially, but not only, in this pandemic period. With APC Mobyforall it will be possible to monitor flows, optimising the use of the services offered in line with the real needs of the territory.