Open and closed spaces

All open and closed spaces: trade fairs, shopping centres, museums, construction sites, schools, hospitals and other places with specific requirements and security criteria.

Our counting and monitoring solutions are suitable for locations, both indoors and outdoors, where it is important to know and understand the usage of spaces, to analyse and redesign them for safer and more comfortable use. In combination with the App, our system also allows you to better organise the layout of your premises to make indoor and outdoor commercial spaces more profitable.

We are currently present in a commercial establishment in the centre of Turin with a high flow of people who, through our dashboard, can easily view at any time the number of users present inside and outside the establishment, putting in place actions to contain and regulate the flows. At the operator's preference, the App can also be used to share this information with customers.

For places such as museums, schools and hospitals, our system makes it possible to organise entrances by avoiding queues and crowds, monitoring flows in real time, and intervening in the event of issues, but also to redesign spaces thanks to knowledge of user behaviour. With App-APC integration, it is possible to monitor and protect any area closed to visitors or allowed to selected users.