All transport systems, public and private, for greater network and mobility efficiency, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Mobyforall's expertise allows us to offer a 360° service which, starting from an analysis of the context and the actual needs, propose how to achieve the client's business objectives and optimising costs. The possibilities offered range from individual surveys to the redesign of urban mobility.

Our solutions have a wide array of application:


  • In road and rail public transport, our integrated APC-Dashboard-App system allows operators to constantly monitor the flow of passengers on and off, crowding and the location of vehicles on a map, having a broad real-time view of the entire network. The passenger information services offered by the App allow users, who enter a station or access a transport system, to be involved in a private and protected information environment, receiving useful information for their needs. The interface makes it possible to develop a series of functional and integrated scenarios, based on three main directives: safety, security, and engagement.
  • In sparsely urbanised areas, suburbs and hamlets, the integrated App - Dashboard system makes it possible to rethink public transport by limiting it to the real needs of users, hypothesising booking mechanisms, optimising the choice of vehicles, and creating new mobility scenarios by optimising available resources and reducing costs.
  • In public and private companies, in support of the Mobility Manager, our App makes it easier to study home-work journeys, supporting opinions and preferences collection and create new mobility plans that can also benefit from any existing funding.
  • In the context of sustainable mobility plans, our App also makes it possible to design cycle paths using a data-driven approach. Based on the real mobility needs of the citizens, we avoid over- or under-estimations of demand that could affect the result of the investment made by the public administration. Our integrated solutions allow to monitor both the built cycle paths, counting the number of users, and the traffic in predefined sections of road.